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Wesley Performing Arts and Cultural Centre.

Wesley wins council vote

Horsham Rural City Council has thrown its financial weight behind the proposed redevelopment of the Wesley Performing Arts and Cultural Centre.

16 July, 2024

General News

Network nears its use-by date

The end of days is coming for the remainder of Australia’s 3G network, yet despite a years-long death knell the...

15 July, 2024

Local News

A life on the farm after surviving the horrors of war

The Lord's prayer was recited in German at the funeral of former...

Local News

Refugees celebrate new start

Karen refugee K'lu Say Say knows about the fear of war, life in refugee...

Local News

In Good Faith

- with Lucas Matuschka


Few admit to corruption in their council

Corruption in local government is real, a Horsham forum has heard, but not as prevalent as many believe.

7 June, 2024

Horsham News

Council endorses early-years plan for our youngest

Horsham's new plan for developing and maintaining early-years strategies...

Horsham News

Airport plan inches closer to taking off

Horsham might not have Qantas, Jetstar, Virgin or Rex queuing for...

Horsham News

It's back to the future for regional museum

Priceless memorabilia in Horsham is a step closer to having its own...


Historic win for Australia

Murra Warra mixed farmer David Jochinke is celebrating the announcement of Fiona Simson as the World Farmers'...

11 July, 2024

Local News

Canola growers warned of aphid outbreaks

"Moderate-high" numbers of green peach aphid have been reported in...

Local News

GrainGrowers evaluates fuel alternatives

Phasing out the use of fossil fuels on farm will not be without its...

Local News

Waging war in our backyards

Taking grassroots action to protect Wimmera Mallee crops from...


Urgent call for volunteers

The Horsham Little Athletics Club has put out a call of arms wanting volunteers to keep the club running. This season...

27 March, 2024

Local News

Locals dominate meets

Local trainers have been completely dominant over the past two greyhound...

Local News

Kart club reopening a success

The official reopening of the Southern Mallee Kart Club's track at...

Local News

Netballers shine at state titles

On Saturday March 9 to Monday March 11, The Wimmera Mallee Netball...


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