30 June, 2024

Grow your grain market knowledge

Local farmers interested in understanding more about grain marketing are being invited to attend a free half-day workshop this week.

By Samantha Smith

Grow your grain market knowledge - feature photo

The workshops - organised by GrainGrowers and conducted by Market Check.- are designed to provide growers with various tools, market insights, and solutions to grain marketing requirements and risk management plans.

Feedback from past workshops said growers left with a renewed understanding of the grain market, the factors that are driving prices, and how things like options and hedging can be applied in a beneficial manner.

GrainGrowers chief executive Shona Gawel said the workshops were developed after growers expressed interest.

“There is a lot involved in grain marketing, and the workshops are a great way to stay up to date on ways to maximise marketing efforts,” Ms Gawel said.

“Previous workshops have been very positively received, and based on feedback we’ve focused on making sure the resources and information are useful for growers.”

Ms Gawel said Market Check’s years of experience in research and analysis provides participants with practical, real-world examples of the market’s current state, and how to use available tools to implement appropriate risk management strategies.

“The workshops are a convenient A to Z of grain marketing, with experts available to answer any questions,” Ms Gawel said.

“I would urge growers to take advantage and register today.”

Ouyen will host a half-day workshop July 2, and Horsham on July 3.

To find out more details and to register please visit the GrainGrowers website


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